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Furro is all about

serving Indianness.

The product range we produce is undoubtedly a gift to our Indian society from the western world. The colonial evidence of the past and modern-age economic success has made us Indians adapt to it. 

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We bring you the best of Cookies

Crackling on the outside, fluffy and tender inside, our range of cookies shall reveal the delicate blend of meticulously chosen ingredients and subtle aroma in the trappings of your mouth. You may not want to wait to relish them.

Choco Chip

Fruit n Nut

Why Us.

Taste That Tickles Good Memory

The company maintains a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to produce the range, invests in an efficient logistical system and infrastructure, human resource, and hundred per cent vegetable ingredients to reach the consumer, products with freshness and flavour intact.
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Our best sellers

Almond Chocolate

Mixed Fruit

Corn Flour


Baking Soda

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